Reforming the Church: From a House to a Home

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Reforming the Church: From a House to a Home - Mission Store

Presently the church is moving at a rapid rate from a house to a home. People are hungry for real relationships and are tired of inauthenticity in the body of Christ. In this book Keith helps give clarity on some of the needed elements to embrace in order to access the relational upgrade God is offering us.

"Keith's heart beats for the Body of Christ. His passion is deep, burning, and contagious. You can feel it in these pages. God has given to Keith revelation to answer the longing in his heart--my heart--your heart--for Reformation. We want to see the Church come alive and relevant in the coming hour. This book shows us the way forward." (Harold R. Eberle Pres. Worldcast Ministries)

"One of my great joys of the last 15 years is my relationship with Keith and Heather Ferrante. In Keith’s latest book, “Reforming the Church” you will discover, as I have, the heart of a man willing to challenge his own traditional mindsets and ask the important questions. You will hear the cry of a genuinely passionate follower of God, hungry to see the authentic expression of the Church Jesus said he would build. I suggest you read, ”Reforming the Church” with your own personal journey in mind." (David Crone, Senior leader of the Mission Author of “Decisions that Define us” “Declarations that Empower us” and “The Power of your Life Message.”)

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