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Seers in the Kingdom (Their Stories) - Ramon Santos

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The supernatural is a combination of science, miracles, wonders, that are all signs of God's finger touching us. Given to us are choices to make this a better world for all nations, because we are all His children.

Open the pages of Ramon Santos’s eloquent new book, Seers in the Kingdom (Their Stories), and welcome the wisdom of God into your heart.

This enlightening spiritual compilation brims with moving testimonies to the power of God, transcribed from those who have been blessed with an ability to receive His direct instructions.

Known as seers, these people are responsible for guiding their fellow brothers and sisters down the path of righteousness, turning them away from the destruction and desolation that wanton desire brings.

The words of the seers bring comfort to those who have strayed and hope to those who feel lost. By revealing the truth about the human condition, they bring the “water of life” to readers everywhere. This water brings with it what is needed for fulfillment, health, and prosperity in all its forms.

Seers in the Kingdom (Their Stories) is an eye-opening account of God’s truth from those who have experienced it firsthand.