Keys to Confrontation Wise

Keys to Confrontation - Heath Wise

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Whether at home or at work conflict is inevitable. Most of us avoid it because we don't know how to confront in an effective way and we fear breaking relationships. Paradoxically, confrontation can be the means of producing greater intimacy and connection and greater harmony at work and at home. In this CD, Heath gives you proven tools and techniques that will give you confidence to enter into conflict in a loving way.


Heath Wise is a sex therapist and professional counselor with a passion to see people free and whole, and walking in the fullness of what it means to be created in the image of God as sexual beings. Believing that God wired us for intimacy, a focus of her teaching is in helping people grow in sexual, relational and spiritual intimacy. Heath speaks at conferences, churches and schools on the subject of healthy sexuality as well as sexual addiction and trauma.