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Hearing the Voice of God Through Dreams

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This is a season of stirring in the arena of dreams, visions and their interpretation. God is breathing on this method of communication at an increased level and in a new dimension. He is awakening the hearts of His children to hear His voice, understand His message and respond to Him.

Learn Who You Are As a Dreamer.

This exciting series will equip you to unravel the mysteries of dream interpretation and to discover how to apply Heaven’s insights into your waking life.

In this eight disc, nine lesson audio set, these are the topics that are covered:

  • Hearing God’s Voice Through Dreams and Visions
  • Reach your destiny through the understanding and application of your dreams.
  • The Father’s Value of Dreams
  • Deepen your relationship with God by valuing night season mysteries.
  • Understanding God’s Language of Metaphor
  • Unravel the parabolic and metaphorical language of God.
  • How the Most Prevalent Type of Dream Impacts Your Destiny
  • Move forward in your destiny by removing revealed hindrances.
  • Creating a Revelatory Environment.
  • Learn how to remember your dreams
  • Symbols...Literal or Metaphorical?
  • Gaining understanding of the metaphorical meaning of symbols.
  • The Purposes of God revealed Through Various Types of Dreams
  • Understanding why God gave the dream.
  • How to Interpret Your Dreams
  • An interactive teaching of the steps to interpreting dreams.
  • Common Dream Symbols and Metaphorical Meanings
  • Examples of common dream symbols.