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God Vibrations DVD

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UPDATED LATEST RELEASE This highly acclaimed three-part DVD series explores the power of sound from a Christian perspective. 


Session One:
The Creative Power of Sound shows the origin of sound from the book of Genesis and hot it relates to modern Physics and string theory. See visual demonstrations of how sound can move inanimate objects, experience the color of sound, and hear songs written from human DNA code.
Session Two: 
The Breaker Power of Sound demonstrates sound’s power to break strongholds. See the classic examples of sonic destruction from the shattering of a wine glass to the total annihilation of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Explore how sonic warfare was practiced in Bible times and today.
Session Three: 
The Breakthrough Power of Sound explains how sound impacts the mind, body, and spirit. Discover how sound can boost human intelligence and impact thought, how sound is used to heal the body and open spiritual portals. Watch video of God responding with heavenly sounds to earthly worship.
Bonus Features include a Question and Answer Session plus the demonstration videos used in this teaching series. With the demonstration videos separated in this bonus features section you can teach your own series on the power of sound.

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