My Songs for You Aaron Matthew

My Songs for You - Aaron Matthew

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Aaron Matthew has always been a worshiper, and for as long as he can remember, music has been a major part of his life. He grew up in southern California with a love for music and So-Cal sports teams. Along with learning the piano at an early age, Aaron picked up the guitar in junior high school and fell in love with worship leading shortly after. After high school, he attended Vanguard University to pursue music study in depth and upon graduating, was led by the Father to the Mission to attend the inaugural year of the Deeper School of Ministry. Aaron has a passion for teaching and loves to help others discover God's gift of music and unlock their creativity. Currently, he teaches music and worship and serves as the worship director at Deeper School, and is an associate worship leader in the church. Aaron plays guitar, piano, bass, drums and ukulele and released his first full-length worship album in January 2013.