Hope Collection

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Prisoner of Hope: Captivated by the Expectation of Good

In Prisoner of Hope David Crone lays out a powerful argument for the importance of choosing hope and living with a confident expectation of the goodness of God. David speaks from life experiences that have challenged the validity of a hopeful existence and reveals the keys to defeating those negative circumstances. Prisoner of Hope is not a book of theory or cold theology, but a breathing epistle of the authentic value of living in expectation.

21 Days of Hope: A Daily Encounter

21 days of hope is more than a book you read. It is designed to take you on a journey that will move you from ineffective wishing to empowered hoping and release you from being held hostage to circumstances so you can become a joyful prisoner of hope. Why 21 days of hope? 21-day periods have been especially effective when desiring transformational breakthrough. 21 days of soaking in and activating hope will detox your mind and emotions from the enemies of hope and reset your focus on the expectation of good from a good God.

Heroes of Hope: A Collection of Inspirational Stories

Heroes of Hope: is a collection of inspirational stories of either historical or Biblical characters who have lived with hope in challenging times. In doing so, they have inspired hope in the people around them and made significant contribution to their world and future generations.

Journey: A Hope Journal

One of the dreams God has for us is that we live in a hope anchored in everything He is. It is our desire to partner with God by offering this journal with inspirational hope thoughts to aid you in your journey. The JOURNEY is your place to dream and hope with God. We have left the pages free of lines so you can doodle, sketch, write, and record your thoughts and imaginings. Our hope filled prayer for you is that “The Lord make his face shine on you”(3) as you take this journey in the expectation of good.